Clothes Shopping.

She took her daughters into town,
For things for them to wear.
On reaching the department store,
Their joy turned to despair.

It was full of tiny mini skirts,
Well these, they'd have to pass.
Neither girl could walk the street,
Showing an expanse of ass.

And all those little skimpy tops,
Not one of them could wear.
She didn't think Joe Public,
Would like to see their bellies bare.

Her younger girl, who's thirteen,
Liked the skimpy tops and minis.
She's into all the latest gear,
That's really made for skinnies.

But she's a rather chunky lass,
Big~boned, like her mum.
She needs long skirts and trousers,
Tops that come down past her bum.

Her elder, who is twenty~six,
But more like a child, she's autistic.
Pills taken, they make her swell up,
Making it rather difficult to shop.

Mum shook her head, brow furrowed,
At the rails, with great distaste.
Shopping at the department store,
Had been ever such a waste.

So it was to the local sports shop,
Where the gear was very casual.
Jogging bottoms, long T. shirts,
Were bought, in mens, as usual.

(Sorry girls) .

by Lizzy Tomlinson

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I like the way the affirmation and negation are used here. Coll