Ar.Ti.Fi Ci.Al.i.tY is the sketch of crookedness,
Where he feels dignity to FACET TWO SHADES…...
He straddles with a SpLITTInG PErSoNaLiTy,
His life is a reflector of his ever altering mood,
His friends are not a soothe giver,
Because in real, he is lack of friends,
His changeable nature solve his purposeful work,
But when Life asks him, about his life’s PURPOSE….
He is somewhere tensed on giving a reply,
Because MEANIING of his real life, he has LOST somewhere,
And foolishly he fools himself to be GREAT..
But now…
He wants to forgot and start new,
To be simple – close to SIMPLICITY …
He wants to facet SINGULAR look,
Where he comprehend his sayings with a batch of TRUTH,
And Stop the way of DISTORTION to a fair deal,
To make the conscious free of any ambiguity,
And just make NOBLER THOUGHTS available…
Hence stop with all materialistic ways and escort Truth.

by Richa Dhodi

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