Yes, Yes A Thousand Times Yes!

I look of your face a face full of query I say to my heart I feel not the least bit leary.
I read of your words (the numbers are telling!) they ring in my ears of your passions oft-swelling.
Not believed at first reading, so again but aloud; Is he too not afraid of being 'alone in a crowd? '
He speaks of conviction of knowledge of frauds. Be your self of your self by your self be proud!
As further I read through your words of rain and thunder, am I man enough to embark on this journey I wonder.
As oft in nature first bluster and brimstone, you follow those words with more, far gentler in tone.
Encouragment of passion, inviting expression, all that you say is not said with aggression!

Off with my hat I bow to your honor ere long, share coffee with me so I may hear more of your passions song?

by Joseph Camphouse

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