Yesterday, I had too many directions,
that made me loose THE WAY
Yesterday, I slept too much for an afternoon,
I was scared of pain
Yesterday, I feared today and tried to run away
Yesterday, too much of knowledge made,
everything senseless and vain
Yesterday I was scared of truth, I couldn't bear
that strain
Yesterday I thought I knew myself, then
the light shone, now I'm ashamed
Yesterday I made too many promises,
that the world couldn't afford to pay
Now my creditors hunt me, but
yesterday had longed escaped
Yesterday I invested too much on myself,
now I'm broke no one paid
Today I need one direction that leads
through an afternoon
Where I am not afraid to gain the true knowledge
of myself
To carefully count my word's worth and
my walk and work
A today where I owe no one save to be a good neighbor
A today that will become a happy yesterday for tomorrow
A today that will not be lost as yesterday


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