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NED (26.12.40 / Littleborough Lancs.U.K.)


Oh yesterday, where have you gone,
so fast you slipped away,
while I in my naive way thought
your sun was here to stay.
The dreams I had dear yesterday,
those dreams I shared with you,
now in the stark new morning light,
I know cannot come true,

Oh yesterday, I should have known
the sun must sink at last,
and leave behind the chill of eve'
to show the day has passed.
For life I know cannot stand still,
nor all my dreams come true.
But I lived in hope, dear yesterday,
that I might stay with you.

Oh yesterday, now you have gone
and left a new day here,
though I know that life won't be the same,
as when your sun shone clear.
For we must change with each new day
and alas we can't return,
to those lost hours I now hold dear,
those hours for which I yearn.

Oh yesterday, you are now past
and tomorrow is yet to be,
and so I'll live just for today,
but I'll keep you near to me.
And as the dawn of each new day,
brings hope and dreams anew,
I'll never say that all is lost,
for I'll remember you.

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