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It was a funny old day yesterday.
The priest sent kids
Around his parish
To put stickers
On letterboxes saying
'Jehovah’s Witnesses
Please call.'

The graffiti artists
'Yes Islam' slogans
On watercolour

The Naziskins
Threw a welcoming party
For the
Illegal immigrants.

The politicians
Outlawed bureaucracy,
Reduced taxes
And gave themselves
A pay cut.

The trains
Ran on time.

Children everywhere
Ate their vegetables
And asked for more.

Really listened
To their wives.

Found burps and farts

You read my poems
And I told you
I loved you

Yes, it was a funny old day

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True to life for inreality this the life that all do lead.Wive's should be wise, and if a husband is so blessed with one, then wiser then will the huband become. Good job on the poem as well..
AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME! I love it! My favorite part...'Husbands really listened to their wives'. This was a great, refreshing. light-hearted and funny piece! A perfect '10'.