Poem By Prabal Dahal

I woke from a dream
With a loud scream!

I was dreaming;
I was screaming!
I just don't know.
Why was he there? My foe?

Completely perplexed with the dream
I went to fetch the solar beam.
I thought it would give me answer;
But instead, it gave me cancer!

My heart was swollen;
My heart was swollen.
The beam gave me no answer; what to do? I didn't know...
My question was to be written in colon;
'What? Oh! What? Was he really doing? '

I remember the dream, but not quite
I remember the light ray, fairly white
My hostile was there; But why? Oh! Why?
He was laughing there; what was his joy?

'That's it!
My patience no longer waits!
My anger no longer bounds!
What to do?
How to do?
Where to go?
I don't know! !
Oh! Supreme one!
Help me!
Help me!
I'm drowning!
Your creation needs you;
I no longer want this pain
I no longer wish to live in vain! '

The solar beam had come back,
My cancer was healed;
I was no longer in painful sack;
No longer was I sealed!
I felt free,
I was dancing on the lea;
I felt happy,
I was in splendid ecstasy!

It was a moment of happiness
You never know what is ahead of you...
I was not the only one with bitterness...
I was one of the victims on the queue.

Life is a flowing river;
You never know what difficulties follow!
Life is a drama;
You are a hero, You are a zero, You are sometimes also hollow!

Don't ever live for yourself but for those who live for you!
Don't ever breathe for yourself but for those who breathe for you!


New hope follows me;
What happens tomorrow? , Let's see!

Comments about Yesterday!

Again, I am going gaga over you writings! ! MAN PROPOSES; GOD DISPOSES! ! I always keep saying to myself... You never know what happens the next moment, so live the moment... Beautifully described and a wonderful message... Life, its a small word to describe a living in this big world... God Bless You(Amen) .. Keep writing :)

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