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Poem By Sandra LampeMartin

He was a baby just yesterday
In diapers soft and small
Blonde and sturdy baby boy
He ruled his tiny world

He was a toddler yesterday
Running everywhere he went
Eating apples and caramel drops
Leaving sticky spots on the wall

He went to first grade yesterday
Fell for his first little girl
Loved his teacher more than me
Rode his bike without any help

He graduated sixth grade yesterday
Staying all night with friends
Went to the store without me
Brought home everything I asked

My pride swells every day
I see my child grow away
My heart burns for tomorrow
When he leaves our little home

He grew up strong and worthy
Proclaimed his independence early
Facing the world unafraid as I hoped
But did I give him enough desire to
Come back to me soon and often
In his exploration of the world.

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