Yesterday And Tomorrow

As I watch the brilliant sun set
It is the most delightful sight
For it’s so post card perfect
As another day had taken flight

Old house with many memories
It gives me such a chill
Can a new one ever replace it?
A daunting task for it to fill

A crumbling tumbling barn
How sad it is to see
It too has many memories
That it brings a tear to me

And then I see a farm
That produces with a zest
But it’s really the old farm
That warms my heart the best

There are so many memories
Even though the old brings sorrow
I enjoy seeing the difference in
Yesterday and tomorrow!

by Marilyn Lott

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Hi Marilyn! I am awed at how you bring in so much sunshine into your verses... Take my word, after reading your poem, my Monday Blues just vanished...hmm..l 'like breath off a razor's edge' Please do read my humble second post on poemhunter- 'Friend'. You've been my first critic; I look forward to your comments this time round, too! Oh, and do churn out your favourite memories. I can't wait to read them! Love 'n' Prayers, Nishith