Yesterday Can Never Be Replaced!

All by myself I watched the many decades that passed me by,
I can hear the chatter the laughter that makes me really cry.
The music that we danced and the Quranic recitals on the mike,
The rainy days the sunny days that as kids we did really like.
The sunset we shared, its stunning beauty of many shades so glamorously,
The foaming waves move with a rhythm, running to the shores so invitingly.
Memories of the ships, the boats sailing to the warm sea breeze gently
As the stars twinkled in the night to sounds of the oceans rejoicing brightly
Many voices with words of wisdom love and kindness runs through my mind
That cant be expressed cant be explained but it was of quality I now find
Holding my hand the walks we made, the rides we did I can never forget.
Time moved on and memroies precious since you' ve been gone is what; s left.
A child hood playground with so much of God's rich blessings from above,
To cease the fears dry the tears was the strength of a true parental love.
Many a part played in my life I softly do skip butI could never ever delete,
The good times of today can never replace the best of yesterdays, completely.
Journey of life brought in variable friends and some of them earthly miracles,
I thank God Almighty for these blessings as I survived the road with its obstacles.
Goodbye's are not the end, nor are they forever as we should hopefully meet again
In the land of no return where there will be no more parting and God willing no more pain

by shirani ibrahim

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