WB (1948 / TX)

Yesterday, I Thought Of You

Although I do not love you any more,
I wish that I had news of you:
Whether you are happy, sad
Or in confinement.
Is it to even an ancient score
That I still think of you
Staring, shouting, mad
In a dank basement?

Have you found a new love, now?
Have you goaded him to beat you?
Did he yield to temptation,
Or refuse you the satisfaction?

Although you never loved me,
Although you did not know me,
Athough you played my enemy,
I hope you are happy.
Time, they say, may mend
Many sorrows; and
You were my friend,
Once. In the end,
We married.
Is carried
Forward, by folly.


by Will Barber

Comments (8)

I had to return to this, Will. It's one of my all-time favourites. I think you know it hits home, so to speak, now more than ever. It is, frankly, totally bloody heart-breakingly fantastic. t x
Your poetry has an enviably direct eloquence Will that takes us straight to the heart of the matter..... there's great awareness and great sorrow in this, and great awareness of the nature of human sorrow...You engage the reader's mind and emotions with unusual skill... great poem. jim
Now, that is an Ex to end all Exes. -c
Ah, Will.......you of the beautiful heart and mind.........! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! I can only echo what Sandra said......and thank you for this admirable work of art......I treasure your songs......in every key.......... Be well, my friend. Love, D.
Yes I get it Will, sometime we get this feeling that we just need to know All the very best Will Love duncan X
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