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Yesterday I visited the house of Leopardi.
(1953 / Viareggio)

Yesterday I visited the house of Leopardi.

Poem By Roberto Amato

I visited the house of Leopardi.
A beautiful apartment on the Lungarno.
The custodian was a sleepy sort of man.
In truth
the whole house was asleep.

In truth - I said
- this is an old watermill.
From the window I can still see the wheel
on the surface of the water.
You do understand
that this ancient wheel in ash
easily makes the world go round.
On seeing it turn ever so
the Count would become dreamy mostly
on Sundays
(when there are rowers
and the water
slips away like silk beneath the oars).

are very lucky, you know?
To be the custodian of this apartment
is something I'd really like.
I believe it's warm here in winter
very cool in summer.
And there's the breath of the Count
don't tell me it doesn't stir
the sheers.
You know better than I do that he liked
to look outside
and watch the lovers.
But also to call to Silvia from the balcony.

Translation: Matilda Colarossi

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