MC (22nd August 1990 / )

Yesterday Night

Looking at the stars
Sitting by the lake,
With all old friends
We cherished the waves.
Breezes passing through our faces
The moon, lower down it gazes,
The laughs and the giggles we hear
As the passer bys slowly sway.
About the past we talk,
And replenish our memories,
Those days will never come
We all do believe.
Its about past midnight
All the cold is gripping us
We forget that it was a winter night,
Due to the warmth we felt with each other.
Suddenly we realise
Its time to go back home,
What a beautiful night it was,
We wished it would never go.
Making our way through the empty street
With a thought in the mind that tomorrow we will meet,
We reach our homes with memories divine,
I am happy to say that those moments were mine.
The night shall never come again,
Waiting for its arrival we might all sway
But the pleasure in the night
Is enough for a life time to stay.

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good old days...........
A soft narration of a delicate night!