Yesterday On Bus

Yesterday night I was there on a bus.
Road was jammed and was a muss.
Bus was empty, travelers were few.
Amidst the jam it crawled through.

Soon I got curious about two old chaps;
Sitting on seats marked 'for handicaps'.
They were different from common folk.
Without making any sound they spoke.

To talk some sign language they used.
I didn't understand and was confused.
Different facial expression they made.
Lips and hands moved, heads swayed.

With hand they wrote on other's hand.
They savvied but I didn't understand.
On the next stoppage halted the bus.
Holding each other both left without fuss.

I looked but my vision came to a naught;
Mind got occupied with their thought.
Many languages recognized and known.
But their language had beauty of its own.

by Md. Asadullah

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Comments (5)

you revealed world of beauty and peace in a rival world where people talking from heart their own you painted out in this how they are strong in their position as their eyes, in lips, and hands talk/ thanks to share
See the pity..and you have painted so beautifully..their pain splashes on my soul i am feeling yet nice bhai :)
The deaf and dumb also have a language, may be different from ours! Still they are able to communicate their thoughts and they too converse in their own way! Journeying in a bus or train helps us to come across with people of different levels and type! Each bus journey is a new experience! Nice write!
Very nice poem about yesterday's bus journey. Very beautifully explained everything with proper vision and mark.
I love it! A great poem. Makes you want to get off the bus and follow those old guys to learn more about them.