Yesterday’s Christmas

I guess we all look back
Remember Christmases of old
Photographs refresh our minds
Many stories that have been told

How deep the snow was
When we lived at a certain place
Remembering when we were young
Photos are a way that we can trace

Little children on a snow day
Having fun as snow flakes fall
Wearing boots and mittens
That clutter up the halls

I have many reminiscences
I'm sure it's the same with you
Happy holidays with family
I’ll bet you remember them too

While we enjoy our Christmas
Let’s also look far behind
Our past stacks up like snow drifts
The proof is what our photos find!

by Marilyn Lott

Comments (3)

A wonderful nostalgic poem, Marilyn. Best wishes for the coming year. Ron
Ahh the memories of Christmases forever last, refreshed by those pictures an cards - from the past! Splendid read Marilyn! *10*! Friend Thad
oh, this is wonderful. Marilyn.Enjoy reading this.Lovely flow of words.Thank you for sharing.Merry Christmas. Hugs, Meggie