Yesterday's Rain

Poem By Elizabeth O Hanlon

Tripping and stumbling across the lawn
Giggling, gets caught in dark branches
Teasingly touching, caressing each leaf
Engaging each one til it dances

Carrying the scent of sweet jasmine and rose
It follows a path all its own
And plays with my hair as it passes my way
While the seeds of remembrance are sewn

The scents are what bring out the mem’ries in full
And suddenly I’m not in my place
Don’t feel the grass that I’m laying in now
Nor the hair that is whipping my face

I’m lost in the story of a scared little girl
Who faced the world all on her own
When no one noticed her dark bloodshot eyes
She bore it all quietly alone

The bruises fade like yesterday’s rain
The words though, they stay in your head
Until you’re an ancient old woman at ten
Yet too scared to go sleep in your bed

I’m back in myself, look back at the sky
Bright now with billions of stars
They bring no comfort, for all they resemble
Just the cold diamonds they are

It’s time to go in, the moment is over
And think as I strengthen my guise
Of the scared little girl, afraid of her world
Who now looks out through my eyes

Comments about Yesterday's Rain

This is very powerful! ! Very nicely written. sincerely, mary

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