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Yesterday's Youth
LS (June 1 1991 / Manila Philippines)

Yesterday's Youth

Poem By Lei Strauss

Bunch of high school memoirs
Way back when I was young
The frowns on my face
Repeats my yesterday's youth
Cried on mom's shoulders
Came back to what I need
As she wiped my tears
Caressed my sad fears
I had plenty of high school friends
We tasted drops of rain
As rainbow lighted up
Built our memories again
When dreams visited at night
I dreamed to be a grown-up
To see myself what I am today
It all simply explains
Dreams were seem to be right
Way back when I was young
I was starving for truth
Wanted to uncover the mask
What the world could offer for me
I didn't understand
How petty fights turned to war
But as time changed me
I should know it by now
Found myself mumbling
I wish I could go back to my youth
Way back when I was high school
My world was too bright
But everything remains…
Time runs too fast

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