Yet Another Day

My eyes open.....sleepily I yawn.
comes the realisation,
yet another day, yet another dawn,
each day as perfect, as I choose to make it,
each day a perfect gift, happily I choose to take it,
my gratitude towards you Lord,
overwhelms me, drowns me in your love,
I have placed my life in the hands of God above,
whatever goes wrong will be rightened I know by you,
there cannot be only joys in life,
there are sorrows too,
another miracle of my faith in you,
occured today.....
as usual your workings leave me dumb,
nothing more can I say,
you bought me to this world, you will abide by me
to every action, every thought of mine,
you hold the key......
locked doors mysteriously open,
unforseen opportunities present themselves,
Gos helps those who help themselves
I fear not when you are by my side, always,
my faith in you always pays
another day, another your grace
Iam ready, with eager enthusiasm to face
only because you are there, always there......
in every breath of mine, here, there and everywhere.

by Arti Chopra

Comments (2)

hi aarti d poem was nice and very good thought expressed in simple words... likd it.. wer u 4m..
Well constructed and beautifully rhyming poem. A leap of faith. Yes, place your faith in God.