IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Yet More Ogdenashicals. Just For Fun

Ermintrude the echidna
lost her diamond tiara.
Her husband trying to be kind
softly whispered never mind
It never suited your behind.

Coromandel crocodile
whilst swimming in the River Nile
Yawned and swallowed a canoe.
his mother cried this will not do
You make me so ashamed of you.

Caroline the kinkajou
liked a glass of wine or two
Which made her act indecently
so that very frequently
She was confined for her own safety.

Sebastian a young male skunk
was a most aggressive drunk.
Until he met his waterloo
and picked upon a kangaroo.
Who showed him what a roo can do.

Gustavus gorilla thumped his chest
to show the world he was the best
When a stray hunter with a gun
shot Gustavus just for fun
I do not think he should have done.

An octopus can count to eight
the number of his tentacles
I’m sure you will appreciate
it’s one of natur’s miracles
At least I think so more or less.

We rattle snakes are dangerous
but only if you anger us.
We aren’t aggressive naturally
We much prefer to lie quietly
and will do if you leave us be.

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