Yet Untitled.

Poem By Kayla Surber

Sometimes I'm selfish..
But there is something i wish...
I wish everything is going to be ok..
I wish i could see him today.
To talk with out a fight.
Who cares who is wrong or right.
Most likely you would be right.. but please dont tell me.
B/c wrong is something i dont want to be.

I just want to be able to talk and laugh like we used to.
And have inside jokes we shared only to few.
And yes maybe im being selfish..
And yes ill admit im a little foolish.
But i want us to be able to get along.
And not cry if i hear our song.
I think that you have moved on..
Bt still miss talking to you on the phone until dawn.

I miss a lot of things about you.
And no1 will be able to do the things you do.
But One day ill move on and get over this.
And some how maybe forget the feeling i got when my lips felt your kiss.
I cant believe its over...
I cant believe you with her..
But i think that your happy now.
So ill try my best to be happy ill find a way how.

Its hard not to go and hug you when i see you.
And not to just kiss you on the cheek to.
But thank you for everything you have taught me.
You have helped me through more things than you can see.
Even though yes at times i get mad..
Or maybe even sad.
I know its probably better this way.
And i will be able to look back someday.
And know that our love was still great.

But that you are some1 i could never hate.
Thank you for treating me good.
I always knew you would
Thank you for showing me that some one can treat me right.
And you were definately worth the fight
Some day ill look back and know it made me stronger.
And that it helped me through my life from what happend when i was younger.
A lot of people say that high school was some of their best years.
But i think its really just experiencing all of your fears.

Learning how to deal with all this.
But it maybe just a bliss.
But time goes on.
And i kno its not all a con.
Just remember that in my heart i will always love you.
B/c thats something i cant tell my heart not to do.

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