Until Everything Changed

the first time me and you kissed
i was glad i had a girl with soft lips
i remeber me and you being together always

but then everything changed we split up and went our seperate ways but i will always remeber you
and hope you remeber me
i wondered why everything changed

we were closer than ever until that day
i will always love you
and think of you


by shawn williams

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The title caught my eye (so did 'Up Yours', 'We have passed this cathartic mark' etc. but I wasn't keen on those pieces) and you did a good job here. If not Sufi wisdom then Susi wisdom. Very effective and a delight to gaze upon and unclutter the mind.
A truth brilliantly presented. If only life did wait.
nice description of life, good definition Goldy.
I wonder about the current ground and perhaps the rest will be taken care of in time. I enjoyed this very much-stopped (wait) me in my tracks to ponder my current groundedness.
gotta give you an A+ on this one nice read.
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