ML (August 1, '99 / San Antonio)

Yo Soy Libre

Artist, come closer, take your brush in hand.
Painting pictures that tell stories,
Painting pictures that show emotions.

Musicians, let us hear your voices,
Sing strong!
Sing, strum, pluck, blow!
Hear melodies that tell stories,
Hear harmonies that show emotions.

Writers, grasp your pens, gather your papers.
Writing stories-
Tales of adventure,
And life.

Write your philosophy,
Tell your story,
Voice your opinion,
Rule the world.
Because with inspiration-
You are free.

When pen meets paper, nothing can hold you back.
Write of your freedom.

When color meet canvas, there are no restraints on creativity.
Show the world what freedom looks like through your eyes.
When your voice stirs the air, no one can suppress the music that flows forth.
Sing your heart out!
Unleash your voice!

Break your bonds and soar.
Be free!
Yell out!
Let your voice be heard!
Hold your heads high!
Keep your chins up!
Be proud of the creativity and originality bestowed upon you!
Unleash yourself on the world.
Dance in the streets!
Tell stories of your freedom.

Feel the rush of freedom
Burning through your veins.
Making your pulse race,
Palms sweat.
My heart burns,
To be free.
To touch the clouds and the stars.
Yo Soy Libre.
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I loved the energy and the drive in your words. A amazing poem Melody.