Yoga 1 - A Way Of Life

Yoga is
A way of life!
A beautiful life,
A meaningful life,
A peaceful life!

Yoga is
Science of the living
Science of practical applications,
Science of powerful experiments,
Science of truth!

Yoga is
An art of living -
Art of living a healthy life,
Art of living a generous life,
Art of living together in a friendly way!

Yoga is
Awareness compulsive
Awareness of the passing thoughts
Awareness of the spoken word
Awareness of the daily actions!

Yoga is
Management of the unceasing mind,
Management of the unbridled mind
Management of the unblushing mind
Management of the uncanny mind!

Yoga is
Changing with a strong will,
Changing with persistent effort,
Changing for a progressive mind,
Changing for a tranquil state of mind!

Yoga is
Knowledge like an encyclopedia,
Knowledge of the body,
Knowledge of the mind,
Knowledge of the soul!

Yoga is

by Dr. Geeta Radhakrishna Menon

Comments (3)

geeta, after reading your lotus poem, i notice in this one also free association. and thinking of other poems of yours as well, i suspect you are a person who likes thoroughness. i was attracted to this one because i practice yoga- mostly for its physical benefits, but, as you point out, it encourages awareness in general, not just awareness of the body. thinking of the common origin of yoga and the english word yoke, i see why you think of yoga as a way of life. with my background, i think of jesus saying (at the end of matthew 11 in the new testament) , take my yoke upon you. glen
Thanks for sharing this lovely poem, Dr. Geeta. I am a recent recruit to the Yoga camp and it was more because of medical reasons than anything else. But I agree with you there. It does have lots of other benefits apart from a toned body.
Very well written, Geeta. 'An art of living-' wonderful, reminds me of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, a wonderful human being. He often visits Kashmir and runs orphanages here. A very close friend of mine had some problems many years ago and Ravi Shankarji provided very valuable advice on a public forum. Saw him on television yesterday and he was talking about Yoga. I have never met him personally but met some of his adopted kids, in one of his orphanages and they were lovely. Thank you Geeta for bringing back those pleasant memories.