Yoga 12 - Leave Behind Anger & Leap Forward With Forgiveness

On the last day of the year,
I would like to leave behind
One big emotion,

Anger is like a venomous serpent
That coils around you,
Squeezes and spills out of you
The worst ever poison.

Retiring old year,
Retreats into the dark yesterday,
Never to come back,
Vanishing into the realm of memory.

The world shook with anger in 2017
The terrorist attacks,
The religious discord,
The human hatred.

Let go off the dangerous weapon of anger,
Leave behind painful provocation of vengeance,
Listen to the people with voice of reason and justice,
Leap forward with forgiveness, tolerance, and love.

by Dr. Geeta Radhakrishna Menon

Comments (8)

A message that if heeded would make the world a better. A priceless lesson form a tender heart.
Listen to the people with voice of reason and justice, The golden principle that can lead the human race to peace and prosperity. A great message bidding farewell to 2017 and welcoming 2018.
Yoga is reunion Of forgiveness, tolerance, and love...
This is excellently penned and beautiful poetic gem that is penned for well being of mankind. Anger is dangerous like war is. We need to spread love by forgiveness and we expect peace always in this Earth. Forgiveness, tolerance, and love are nice spiritual values and we should lead life with these. An interesting poem is very well penned...10
What a lovely poem to end the year Thoughtfully written and so very clear From a heart with love and compassion filled Came a poem with great wisdom instilled Thanks Geeta
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