Lonely Depressions

Lights chasing folks dancing
in rooms of loneliness,
following themselves in
saddened depressions of

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

Comments (22)

Superb narrative and an unforgettable relationship with the intensity of nature's dynamic energy - - - - - this is a tender and emotive read Herbert - - - - thank you for sharing your experience......... there seems to be no parting for mating of souls.............. bestest from Fay.
Geese pair for life and they do mourn the loss of a mate as other species will mourn the loss of their young ones. And we humans think animals don't feel anything.There is a lot of goose personality in this poem and plenty of insight I love animals too.
This poem was so sad but beautiful. It is very touching and deserves a high score.
Such a beautiful poem...you broke my heart. I loved the poem. KK
Again, I am amazed by the wonderful works. I absolutely love the poem 'Yolanda'. It's quite beautiful.
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