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EM (12-11-90 / Texarkana, Texas)


Poem By Emily McAlister

It's the way you look
That made me notice you
It's you funnyness
That made me like you
It's your sweetness
That made me like you more
It's the way you looked at me
That made me want you
It's the way you treated me
That made me want you more
It's how far you live
That makes me sad
It's how I can't have you
That maked me sadder
It's all these things
That make me realize
You're the one I like so much
You're the one I want so much
You're the one who makes me cry myself to sleep at night
knowing I can't have you like I want you
But you're also the one who I love so much and always will
But you'll never know just how I feel
Because I'll never be able to tell you
So I'll keep prayin to God
And wishin on every star
That you love me just as much as I love you!

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