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You're like a mobile Dejavu
Ambling in and out of my dreams the manner I window-shop
Drifting through my apartment,
Like a wandering ghost-
With its feet neither in this world nor the next
But as sedentary as my paintings on the wall.

Your angels are just as migratory.
Rootless, transitory and fickle as the men in my life,
Promising when they laid their itinerant hands in mine,
Nurturing as they led me down that yellow brick road
And quick to follow the tail of an unclaimed kite

I stood unswerving to a barrage
That lowers itself then ascends as it pleases
I mounted my heart on my sleeve,
Lay quivering as seasons shook me
And the changing tides quavered my home.

Everyone has something to say these days
Their truth is my farce, their convictions biased
Every man Jack should defend their duplicity
And every whore would secure their plunders
As close to their scissoring thighs

Weren't your prophets the ones who claimed
That you will stand with the righteous?
Upright has been mistaken for black and white
And you should know that my greys are the best I can muster.
Kindness shall not bondage me
Especially when it changes its mind

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