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Your words are slowly killing me
When you ask for me to stay.
I can feel the pain within your words
As you're slowly pushing me away.
We had grown so close
While you consumed up my life.
I was hoping one day
You would be my wife.
I've loved and lost
And I loved you still.
Now in my weakened state
Just go in for the kill.
Your love was a dagger
Driven deep within me.
Will you pierce in me further
Or remove it and let me be?
The chances of me living
Are few and far apart,
For you hit a major organ
And it skewered my heart.
I'm down on my knees
Begging for you to make it all end.
If I can get away for a while,
There's a good chance I may mend.
Up my lonely heart with
Empty promises and lies.
I'll try to seal myself away
In a personal disguise.
My eyes open slowly.
With tears streaming my face.
I remove that fucking dagger
As I assume my rightful place.
Staring into a mirror
My reflection sees into my soul
As a welcome sense of calm
Begins to fill my heart's hole.
I've come to the realization
It's not the end of the world
Just because at this moment
Someone else has my girl.
No matter what happens baby
An unwavering love waits for you.
I'm only hoping for one thing,
And that's just that
You feel the same way too.

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