I've been thinking.
How do I look to you?
Can you see the way I shy away
When your eye-contact is unbearable?
Can you tell when I'm glancing at you
when you look away?
Do you notice that I don't want this unjustifiable feeling?
Did you notice when I tried to reason with myself?
They're just chemical reactions, biological tendencies
Why must they ruin my thought-out way of life?
Please take this away!
I hope, I pray
I ask God way this has to be this way
I'm confused.
I thought I was untouched by this reckless state,
But then I think of you.
Feeling the room with light
Confronting me when I'm no longer smiling
Asking physiological questions about the strange unknown
With your smile that curves to the left.
Always helping those around you
always being the one person I know will be there.

And suddenly I don't want to ever stop feeling this way.

by Autumn Swift

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