There’s much love of you

That i ever see

But do you know I’m in blue?

Coz you’re too fancy to me

I want to hug you tight

But one i stand just held my head high

Fall in the deepest sorrow

And nothing i can follow

There’s another love another time

Said you’ve found something worthy

You never be mine

That makes me so slightly

by Shuzumi Chan

Comments (4)

Love is a spiritual experience, it's whimsical and temperamental, coming unannounced and may leave without warning. It's an emotion that comes naturally to us, it cannot be influenced unduly. A lovely poem nicely penned from the heart. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.
Lovely poem and meaningful hope you read my poem cheers
This happens often. Thanks for sharing, Shuzumi
Nice poem!!!Great use of words...n true emotions pouring out through this...