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My dad wrote this poem for me.
i love it! !


Years of labour and toil was there
You had very few moments to spare
To indulge into your worldly desires
In You, was burning the achiever’s fire

You were calm n composed all through
We used to panic and had no clue
That in you there was a genius like few
Full of confidence of making the dream ‘true’

You have done us all proud
We feel as if on the ninth cloud
If ever a greatest joy to be found
You gave us that and happiness unbound

Yes, it is true that I should have been there
But that is not the cause for you to despair
Your ‘Mom’ guided you square and fair
She was there at the moment of rapture

We would make up for the lost chance
Soon we would have fun and dance
You can conquer all that you aspire
May you achieve whatever you desire.

- Harshad Datar

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Lucky you! Gr8 poem rgds
read all 56...man, am i impressed...for a girl as young as you...lovely collection...downloaded the ebook...love, nalini
Poppy thnx for the lovely poem u wrote for me! !