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You may be overlooked as an unimportant person an ordinary one on an ordinary street
Just one amongst millions of ordinary others referred to as numbers on a government statistic sheet
But i only can repeat here what has often been said and what also happens to be very true
That your most important person in the World is the one that others refer to as you
In your own mind you may feel quite inferior since your praises anyone never does sing
We are in the age of celebrity idolizing and celebrity worshiping is the in thing
Even in your own neighborhood you may seem ordinary by people you know and meet every day
But your number one person ought to be yourself this is how it is and should be this way
Yes your life to you is most important this anyway is how it ought to be
If you do not like yourself you cannot like others this is how it seems to me
You must like yourself better to be kind to others this is how life is it works in this way
And if others ignore you as one of the ordinary this is their business and this is okay
I can only say to you what has often been said by others words of advice that happen to be true
That your most important person in the World is the one others refer to as you.

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