You're still in my head, you're still words unsaid,
your palm holds the essence of life.
You devoured my mind, being cruel never kind,
your malice, to cut like a knife

You reached an untouchable part of my soul
now exposed, and cut through to the core.
Like crumbs fed to birds, you scattered my words
now devoured, in the distance they soar.

The strings to my heart are corroded and worn,
a viola too battered to play.
I am ground down to dust, just a game for your lust,
but I'm still strong enough to just say

I once saw a part of your cold wretched heart,
that I thought was so gentle and raw,
but the wind now blows cold through the hole in my soul
you were never the man I adored.

by Lodigiana Poetess

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Yes, our need for love does blind us but fortunate is the woman who frees herself in time. Very well handled topic and is poetic in its ability to reach out and enlist our presence inside the poem and inside that destructive relationship. Extraordinary. 10+++++++++++++++++++++++++
Heartfelt poem.. Emotions well expressed