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Poem By Misty Jepson

If I let you see the tears
that will be the day,
The day that my life ends
and the day you run away

You couldn't keep the secret
that haunts me every night,
You let your mouth run freely
when you knew it wasn't right

You tried to keep me covered
like a blanket in the night,
But when you looked into my eyes
you saw a scary sight

You saw an open book
sealed with a lock,
But no matter what you do to me
I will sit here like a rock

I will sit here with no expressions
I will sit here with no thoughts,
And as all the days are passing
all I do is rot

So don't let me hear you whisper
so don't let me hear you dream,
Because once I hear your lovely voice
it will make me want to scream

I will scream with sadness
I will scream in vain,
Because this will be the last night
that I feel any pain

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