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Poem By Racquel Wood

I’m not gonna go to sleep tonight
How could I, anyway?
You’re on my mind, once again

It’s nothing different
My heart should be so used to it
Hurt and pain, that’s all I feel,

And yet,
I continue to question you
I continue to question your heart, your actions, you

You push me away, I still don’t understand
What did I do this time?
Write you a bad song?
Oh, right, you’ve never seen them

Why would I show you them, anyway?
Thoughts of rejection surround me
Why would you want me?

She’s so much prettier; she has so much more to offer
Why would you want little ‘ol me?

The girl who never gets the right guy
The girl who’s standing in the corner, afraid to show all the real her
She’s falling apart, little by little
Will you be the one to save her?

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