When I first moved here I was angry and mad.
I was moving away from my family and friends and it made me really sad.
I was just starting high school and I didn't know anyone.
I wanted to go back home, I just wanted to run.
Until the day I saw you, we were just starting school.
And I couldn't help but stare at you, you were just so cool.
You had the perfect body and the prettiest eyes.
I couldn't help but stare, girl I was mesmerized.
The way that you smiled made my heart skip a beat,
And the way you looked at me made my legs go weak.
Your beauty is so intoxicating that it takes my breath away.
I'm just glad that I had the chance to be near you everyday.
You are just amazing and I'm glad I moved here.
My life was so confusing but now its clean and clear.
I've never met anyone like you, you are truly unique.
Every time I feel you near me I find it hard to speak.
Because of you I'm a better person and a good friend.
I hope we never drift apart, I hope we never end.
Without you I would be lost and wouldn't be living.
Your caring and kind, and thoughtful and giving.
I never want to lose you cuz that just wouldn't be right.
You are my angel and you are my light.
I love you more than anything and that will never end.
I'm so happy to have you in my life and I'm proud to be your friend.

by Edith SaintFelix

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excellent work for one so young~! Give us more!