CS (30-07-1990 / Scherpenisse)


I dont know why im sitting here still thinking of you
writing this thing about everything you do
and all those terrible things you did
I still love you it just wouldn't fit
i've screamed i've got sloshed i've cut myself i've smoked pot i've cried
You can say there's nothing i haven't tried
Last week there was a guy he said he was falling in love with me
but by every move of his lips
i felt your touch and your kiss
and it struggeld me full of fear
and i ran away
there was i in the middle of the night starting to pray
i closed my eyes and it all doesn't seem so dark
but when i opend them my world crumbels and falls apart
it all feels like you just had plannend to break my heart
i still remember all the things you have said
i thought you love me but you lied to me instead
if there's a truth behind you lies than let me know
but if those worlds are real then i will say goodbye
and then dont ever say your sorry
because then i will say its just another damn story
better late then never
so please tell me
Do you want to come back now or stay away forever..? ! !

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