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Poem By Valerie Anderson

your cute little nose,
the way your so sweet.
The beauty that goes,
from your head to your feet.

How you call everyday,
the conversations we have.
The funny things you say,
the way you make me laugh.

The beating of your heart,
as we lay close together.
How I wish we wouldn't part,
and stay like this forever.

From the things that your into,
to the way that you're nice.
How I want to be with you,
the rest of my life.

Your wonderful smile,
your beautiful eyes.
How I waited a while,
to see your surprise.

The way that you're so kind,
sweet, beautiful, and loving.
How you're always on my mind,
and without you I am nothing.

How I wish I could be there,
How I think you every night,
How I would hold you when you're scared.
And tell you everything is all right.

The way there is so much about you,
too much for me to name.
I don't know what I'd do without you,
i'd never be the same.

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Comments (3)

Hey, that's weird - I have a poem titled 'You' as well (a humorous ode to a certain female!) . -chuck
Valerie, this is wonderful! I'm impressed with how you've managed to capture the male traits perfectly, not an easy thing to do, showing men in another light. Well done! ! !
I think this is a good piece of poetry on how men can actually relate to their surrounding situations. Many women believe men are animals but they're actually very caring.