MB ( / Pheonix AZ)


tears and blood surround me
the memories that pass i dont want to see

i cant forget you

no matter what i do you haut me
it seems everyday you taunt me
with my smiles covering my tears i feel broken
you crumbled my walls that took so long to build in seconds

i still cant forget

as i stare at my bloody body i silently cry
no one knows what im doing in here they wouldnt even care if they did
moms still watchin tv and my step dad is on the computer

you haut my life

all i have now are my broken dreams and my broken wings
my friends think im happy here but they dont know
i cant loose that feeling of adrenaline that comes everytime
im afraid of being caught because im always threatened

your tourmenting my dreams

i would do anything to forget to live on but its another broken dream
my life is falling apart and no one even notices

you made me invisible forever...
and i wish you would finish the job

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