We know there is a God in the sky
So why oh why did those little children die.
They had barely time to know their name
Life to them was one big game.
They went to school, the school bell rang
Days in assembly all the children sang,
But now there is a silent calm
Caused by the adult with his firearm.
How or why we shall never know
Those children, the families to suffer so,
There cannot e justice it must be true
Suffer little children to come unto you.
Not in this way, it is not fair
Those young ones did not have a care,
They were their parents joy and delight
They could not even put up a fight.
Their time has come, the parent remain
Life to them may never be the same.
Their children gunned down by a gun mad fool
Did you not here their words at Sunday school.
They were pure innocent untouched by life
Now to this Town there is only grief and strife.
Why do the evil the bad live on
When the young so young to your world have gone.
I wish in my hear that I would do more
But we must not think to settle the score,
In our prayer sour hearts they should always remain,
Those children taken form us, at that school in Dunblane.

by Alistair J. Ferguson

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Very sad, I live in the USA and we do allow God in our schools.