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Have inspired me to change my life
broke me down til' I rose back stronger than ever
are a piece of the 'cutters puzzle'
my reason to bring out my knife
give me reason for our ties to be severed
know me like no other
are so much like my real big brother
are the reason I explain myself
know what I say for the most part
Is only bits and pieces of truth. No argument will start
must be aware
I have had it up to here
drinking & smoking my mind to indicate that I care
the scars I bear are my own
the free world can stare til the sun goes down
I want to love, but have been convinced that all I hear are lies
things are coming to an end
pushing me. spitting verbal viruses at me
I figured out who I am and who I want to be
not really sure about true love
eyes closed. grinning like always. I sit alone by the sea

by neo riddick

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