you made me believe
you made me grive
you made me cry
i wanted to die
you brought me hope
you brought me life
now all you bring is the touch of a knife
my blood it runs as
deep as the sea
what kept it pouring
the lies you told me
my hand it shakes
knife to flesh
cant believe im such a mess
so this is what you bring
the need to be dead
as my blood it runs deep dark and red

by beautiful nightmare

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this poem is excellent
Sorry saith I....James
ill be praying for you, but please, try writing something a little more original? you have lots of talent! just learn to channel it correctly! ~best luck ~starr
Not everyone is as thin-skinned as you, Mr. Leese.
Poetry hound, if you dont like a poem, keep out of it negative critisism just puts the poet off thier new hobby where are your poems? show us how it should be done and whoever said that everyone that posts their poems on this site are poets some people like to dabble, some people like to vent i would PM you but you are a coward who hides
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