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I looked for you
All day and night
I dreamed for you
And finally you came

We looked into the stars
Looking for angels
We danced over the moon
Just because we could.

I loved it
When you played with my hair
Braiding it
And brushing it.

You loved it
When I sang
You said i had the voice of
An angel.

We ran in the milky way
Tasting chocolate in the air
We ran in a whirlwind
In everlasting circles

We slept on clouds
Sinking into the silky down together
Ready to sleep
And then to play

You were my piece of heaven on earth
And I was your salvation
I would of died without you
Being there besides me

I can still feel your fingers running through my hair
And your everlasting love
Can you still hear my voice?
Trying to sing like the wind.

by Juli Bowman

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A lonely heart always remembers.