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Lately when I see you I want to go up and kiss you
When you smile at me I feel like I can run free
It seemed like a funny thing from the start
We said we'd never part

You make me want to give you the world
Cause your my baby girl
I hate to see you cry cause it makes me want to die
When you are looking down it makes me frown

When you are mad it makes me feel sad
Everytime i see you i miss you
I want to kiss you
Somethings will change others will stay the same

I want to jump and fly and say never cry
I will whip every tear from your eye till the day i die
This is what i feel for you though im not with you
Your my lucky number seven straight from heaven

My love for you is true
I'll always love you
Because i love you i'll never leave you

By Michael J. Hayes

by mike hayes

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