JLW (23rd July 1990 / Birmingham)

Must We Pray?

How important is prayer today?
Do we need bend the knee?
Are we supposed to fast and pray?
Has God not eyes to see?

Through prayer, we talk to God above
Through prayer we seek His face
Prayer’s fellowship with Him we love
His gift to us, by grace

There is no cost to silent prayer
No price for us to pay
Each golden moment that we share
Is savoured whist we pray!

More sweeter than the sweetest wine
The world must this be told
True fellowship with God divine
Is far more worth than gold

When prayer and tears become as one
When dormant faith; revives
Power released through Christ God’s Son
Can touch so many lives

A prayer can cause God’s hand to rise
Cause kings to bend their knee
Can open up a blind man’s eyes
And set a prisoner free

Each tear the eyes of God can see
So man of foolish pride
Allow your tears and prayer run free
Reveal your true inside

Reveal through words both still and loud
Relieve your burdened soul
Let rise your prayer above the cloud
Until you reach your goal

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James: Hey I like it I'm not to fond of critics so your write how you want to and no diffrent! Bust luck in everything you do.