You are the breath that blew upon my ashes,
And kindled in my blood a new sensation
Of life within the meaningless dejection
That caged me in my mind!

You are the god before whose fatal beauty
My foolish heart knelt down in veneration,
Askance and hungry for the warm affection
That it could never find!

You are the fairest rose, and the most thorny,
In the dark garden of my own creation,
Replete with buds that droop with no infection
Of joy, however kind!

You are the breeze that stirred my very being
Into a gale of self-realisation,
That ended my long quest for the perfection
So long I lagged behind!

You are the earthly shadow on my journey
Along the gloomy path of desolation,
That leads into the sun without protection
For eyes already blind!

You are my life's ideal, my affliction,
The very reason of my own damnation,
As Fate declines with obstinate rejection
To free what it doth bind!

by Alfred Palma

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