I felt so hard to be in place
In a crowd of smiling face
a crave of smile began to shine
it was you i've thought of all the time

I'm sure i'm a question to you
you've never known me as an answer
i've watched your moves and all that you do
but then i saw your hands with hers

i may seemed to ignore that event
but it runs in my mind all the time
i'm jealous of your moves that before
i'm mad because you made me hope

as as usual, i still watch you
with her in your hands and all you do
i can't imagine you doing this to me
i thought you'll like me as i wanted to be

but then the time, you came to a car
seemed to be traveling in a place really far
but then your girl go out and went on it
and you wave your goodbye to her

i asked you who is her and why did you let her go?
you smiled and then laugh hard to me
are you jealous to my sister? !
said him to me.....

by Princess Bernadette Anillo

Comments (2)

what an idea it happens all the time
Fine piece! This poem remind us that before we conclude, we should investigate first to avoid misunderstanding.