JD (11-03-92 / Germany)


The sun has touched my face,
but its warmth has never reached me,
yet with you its like a burning inferno,
the rain has sent me joy,
yet it doesn't make me happy the way you do,
the air can leave me to be breathless,
yet without you I have no reason to have life,
the stars cause my peace,
yet you make me seem at harmony and open to the world,
my eyes are open and seeing,
yet I am still blind,
but with you I see everything,
the clouds are the symbol of my sadness,
with you I have none,
my skies are clear,
Time seems to be never ending so I’m impatient,
With you, it stops and your all I see,
The storm is my anger,
But you calm my rage with the slightest touch,
My heart which is broken,
Is mended anew with your very presence,
Love I have felt,
But my love for you is beyond even words,
For everything I am is meant to be with you.

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