you're my inspirations though my


you''re my dreams but yet

my greatest nightmare...

you're the one who made me believe,

hence you're the one whom made me

a fool....

you're my desire and yet not my


you're the reason why i laugh out loud.

but still you're the one whom teach me

how to cry desperately.who break my

heart into pieces....

you're the one who changed my life, to settle

to forgive, believe and dream high.until i fall

from the sky but you forget to catch me in


i'm stupid? ? ? .maybe i am! ! ! !

I LOVE YOU........But too much to HATE you.

yes, you're my nightmare, swallowed all my

empty broken heart, fixed it with dropp of

illusions and full of imaginations....

turning back my inspirations but not my

realizations.that the only you are does not

make you a truly you...

and true you......

I DON'T LOVE YOU.....mgm

by Michelle Garces Maraon

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