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You And I
NH (30th October 1971 / croydon, victoria, Australia)

You And I

As you lift me up on your painted wings i stare into your eyes
Searching wantingly for the secret of your attraction
Your softened whispers like the etchings of time
Marked forever inside my mind memories of this moment

You drew me into your love your light shining to make my path clear
Standing alone two solitary silouhettes against the sunset
The edge of the world and beyond is our destiny
And you and i seem to blend forever moulded as one into eternity

Pastel dreams of romantic fantasy come to life
This is the moment of consecration as i give myself over to you
My willingness astounding me as i am open to your every whim
Yet gently and passionatly your arms enfold me and we are as one

The softened smudged charcoal pictures of days of old
Can never come close to replicating your features
Romantic as they are they cannot duplicate the soft loving soul that is you
Forever more shall you be my prince the king of my heart

Child like eyes gazing over my imperfect features
Tis like you look upon a budding rose frail yet alluring
But alas in me i do not see these wonders that you see
Here i feel them alone with you and get caught up in your wonderment

We stroll slowly along the sands of our oasis
Your hand in mine the one security left in this world i am sure of
Your kiss so subtle on my lips as if an angel had caressed them
And to me now and always this is what you are my angel

Alone you and i, in this world of ugliness we make our own private place
In the confines of our garden we love all that is and is to be
You and i are all that exist in this moment
You and i from this moment are all there ever will be

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